Dell Sk-8125 Multimedia USB Keyboard

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DELL USB HUB 8 HOTKEY Multimedia  KEYBOARD 06W610 SK-8125 Price is for a single keyboard P/N SK-8125 About This Item Acquired from the US Government. Actual item …

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Function Keys:

The F key functions change based on the operating system. You will just need to experiment.

F1 opens Help for whateverapplication is running
F2 allows you to rename a file that is highlighted at the moment
F3 Opens the Windows Find feature
F4 Activates the browser address bar
F5 Refreshes the browser
F6 Acts as Tab key in Windows explorer boxes
F7 No function unless a 3rd party application assigns one
F8 Allows booting into safemode
F9 No function unless a 3rd party application assigns one
F10 Activates the menu bar in applications
F11 Maximizes the browser
F12 Allows booting into drive choices

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